My husband I couldn’t have been happier with the home we purchased built by VH Builders in June 2012.

We stumbled into a custom, LEED Gold rated home with little understanding of the comforts it offered. Soon we’d fallen in love with the radiant heated floors and ventilation system that delivered continuous filtered fresh air throughout the home. This home was tight! Not only did our LEED home run quieter and more efficiently, the cost savings was apparent the first month! We looked for a home with an open floor plan and contemporary feel. The spacious open rooms, tall ceilings, pocket doors created functional usable space in this spec home. The level craftsmanship and detail was evident in every room.
The VH Builders management team were invested in making sure our family’s needs were met. Initially, when looking at the home it was 90% completed. We needed a place for my son to ride his skate board and somewhere for my husband to play his guitar at night and not wake us. The next day when we returned to look at the home one more time, professionally drawn plans for the new “skate barn” instead of detached two car garage and “music room” were laid out in front of us. The morning after hurricane Sandy hit, the company’s manager was in our driveway making sure no one was injured or trapped by fallen trees.
If we had a “do-over” would we buy the house again or choose a different route now that we know first-hand about VH Builders Construction, I’d answer without hesitation and great confidence YES, buy the house! It’s everything and more.
 - Kim L., Far Hills, NJ

The team at Verthaus built our dream house - not only beautiful and well thought out, but smart and efficient as well.

Our home is beautifully built.  The rich tones of the wood, the gorgeous lines, and the finishing touches throughout the home are daily reminders for us that we're ever so lucky to live here.
Beyond it's beauty, the house is extremely smart.  From windows that tint to block the heat of the sun, to radiant heat in the floors to reduce the workload of traditional heat, from spray foam technology to protect our air temperature, to a device that predicts upcoming chages in the weather and begins adjusting our air accordingly - this house is efficient!  In fact, our gas and electric costs now are even lower than in our previous home which was half the size!
Gerry and team continue to show their dedication even now.  Long after we had closed, we realized our radon levels were creeping higher.  With a significant lung-related health issue in the family, we knew we needed to address the radon and asked Gerry for a recommendation.  Not only did he know what to do, he covered the entire solution.  We were very grateful.
A few times we've been asked if we would recommend Gerry and his team.  Our answer is YES!

 - Stephanie N., Chester, NJ