WE. believe in distinctive architectural design and functional interior floor plans.

Our design starts with understanding the resources available, building physics, smart technology, system design concept, culture climate and awareness of sustainability

Every home can achieve a number of leading green standards. We incorporate high end materials like sustainably farmed hardwood flooring, eco-friendly countertops, and low flow bath and kitchen fixtures. Smart, efficient details extend beyond what you can see to elements like expert thermal insulation that provides energy savings and reduces noise levels. Our unique technology,  custom or retrofit design, eco reinforced framing allows for spacious open floor plans.

Tight “Envelope”

We start with a very tight building “envelope” – the exterior surface that keeps your home comfortable and easy to heat or cool. We optimize the envelope by focusing on air sealing the structure while also ensuring a “thermal break” in the wall systems. Well-considered design elements make a big difference in home performance.

Distinctive Design

Each home is designed to be a natural fit to its surroundings and neighborhood. The floor plan is carefully considered to ensure good flow and comfort. Material choices and finish details, both interior and exterior, communicate quality and thoughtful construction. This attention to detail results in an elegant home that is visually pleasing.

Great Mechanical Systems

Our homes deliver comfort along with efficiency. We utilize best of class heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment to reduce the life cycle cost of the home. By utilizing both active and passive solar elements, we further reduce costs while improving comfort.

Indoor Air Quality A tight home needs to be well ventilated. We utilize heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and air filtration to ensure your home has the freshest air. We use low and no VOC paints and caulks. You will breathe better in our home.

Sustainable Practices A huge portion of the US waste stream comes from construction. We minimize construction waste while maximizing what we can repurpose and recycle. We incorporate renewable energy sources where the site and orientation of the home allow. Under the LEED program, we document these practices that are then verified by third parties.